Self-Guided Audio Tour – Little Havana

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In 1959, Miami’s history took an unexpected turn with the arrival of Cuban immigrants. Let the voice of an old Cuban man take you on a sentimental journey. As you explore the colorful Little Havana neighborhood, you can immerse yourself in history like never before. Special commentaries bring to life the nostalgia and joy of Cuban culture. The tour begins in front of the Little Havana Visitor Center. You will discover Calle Ocho, where Carnival is celebrated every year, and the Tower Theater, where Cuban immigrants could see movies in Spanish. You will also discover the famous Domino Park. Its real name is Maximo Gomez Park, in honor of the man who fought for Cuba’s independence from Spain. The tour continues when you will hear about Celia Cruz, one of the most famous Cuban singers, on Paseo de La Fama. The tour ends at Cuban Memorial Boulevard, which honors the Cuban soldiers who fought in the Bay of Pigs invasion.

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