Private Walking Tour of Dealey Plaza Assassination of JFK

US $135.00

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Prior to his death in August 2019, your tour guide was afforded a one-hour interview with Police Detective James LeValle who was handcuffed to Oswald at the time he was shot by Jack Ruby. LeValle was also the chief interrogator of both Oswald and Jack Ruby.The focus of the tour not only includes the significant landmarks, but the guide is well-versed in topics not related to November 22, 1963, but very much about the mystery of the event. For example, what was the purpose of Kennedy’s trip to Texas? Where had Oswald traveled prior to the assassination? Why had Oswald also attempted another assassination of a Dallas resident considered to be a far-right extremist? Why was the motorcade route changed only 2 days before the president’s arrival in Dallas.

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