Private Tour of Pennsylvania Avenue’s Politics and History

US $130

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Washington DC has a reputation as a wheeler-dealer city where billion-dollar contracts, cosy media deals, death wishes, and political alliances are sealed in smokey bars, board rooms, and dinners hosted by power brokers in swanky Georgetown townhouses. On your private walking tour down memory lane of scandals past, discover the secrets, lies, and backstories behind DC’s congressmen, journalists, military men, and politics throughout history, from Capitol Hill, the Judicial Branch, and the FBI to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.On this tour, all the details will be spilled of the stories the occupants of the White House – both those from the recent past, including Nixon, Kennedy, Regan, Bush, Clinton, Obama, and Trump – and its nineteenth-century occupants. You will trawl the haunts associated with some of Washington’s greatest rumors, indiscretions, and media storms. Security details, news-hounds, senators, lawmakers, cable news stars, and White House officials.

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