Private Scuba Lesson and Guided Tour One Day Course in Palm Beach Florida

US $299.99

About this deal

If you have ever wanted to Scuba Dive and try it before committing to the Licensed class, then Bucket List Scuba Experience is for you. If you are a beginner to scuba or have snorkeled in the past and want to move up, then this Scuba Experience is just the fun part without all the classroom briefing. If you are a vacationer and have limited time to scuba, this is just what you are looking to do. You meet your Expert Instructor at the diving venue and experience the Joy and the Fun of strapping on your own Scuba tank and being weightless underwater while breathing effortlessly with the fish, rays, sea stars, blowfish, and octopus. You scuba dive with your Instructor from start to finish to ensure your safety and well being. Our instructors point our marine life and get pictures of you with them. You will make forever memories with family and friends, sometimes once in a lifetime.

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