Miami: Little Havana History & Cultural walking tour+Salsa Music

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A guided tour of Little Havana offers a fantastic opportunity to experience the vibrant Cuban culture and history of Miami. The tour usually starts at a designated meeting point in Little Havana, where a knowledgeable guide will provide an introduction to the area’s history and culture. You’ll then embark on a walking tour of the neighborhood, exploring the colorful streets and landmarks of Little Havana, learning about the architecture, street art, and local businesses that make the area unique. A highlight of the tour is the food and drink of Little Havana, with opportunities to sample traditional Cuban dishes like empanadas, croquetas, and pastelitos, as well as Cuban coffee and mojitos. The tour will likely stop at Domino Park, where you can watch the games and interact with the players or even join in if you feel up for it. Overall, a guided tour of Little Havana is a fascinating way to immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage of Miami’s Cuban community.

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