Curated Tour – National Gallery of Art with French Art Historian

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Instead of wandering purposelessly in the National Gallery of Art, Tosca will lead you into an in-depth visit of the museum’s history and its masterpieces. You have heard of Raphael, Da Vinci, Titian, Rembrandt, Monet but do you really know their lives and why they are seen as geniuses? We’ll dive into the lives of the great masters as we wander the rooms of the NGA. We’ll go from the only Da Vinci in America before seeing Monet’s “Japanese Footbridge” to witness the different styles and evolutions in art. You’ll be armed with the information and history that you’ll need to appreciate the works of art on display.Art with Tosca offers tours of cultural institutions in Washington D.C and online lectures about art history. Tosca brings you an extensive knowledge about European Art history having studied and lived between Paris, London and Italy. Great gift idea: a lot of my guests have received this tour as a gift – They loved it!Need a specific date? Reach out at Art with Tosca!

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