Find treasure, pirates and more at Keys discovery center


Pirates! Fishing legends! Treasure! Hurricanes! Wreckers! Learn about all this and more at the Florida Keys History and Discovery Center in Islamorada.

The discovery center's selection of exhibits, photos and programs lays out all the drama that underlies our community today.  

In the Pirates, Wreckers and Salvagers exhibit, learn more about Black Caesar, perhaps the Keys most famous pirate. And pirates of a different sort -- wreckers -- occasionally lured ships to their destruction along the dangerous reef. The exhibit also explores how men salvaged the treasures lost to the sea.

Check out the Spanish Treasure Fleets exhibit, which focuses on the fate of the 1733 Treasure Fleet devastated by a September hurricane off the Upper Keys.  Artifacts in this exhibit -- including Spanish coins dated 1732 -- were salvaged from local wrecks.

And there's more! Come by Wednesday through Sunday and enjoy.

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82100 Overseas Highway